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Combination Method of FUT & FUE (FUT+FUE) Hair Transplant

Hair transplant world is undergoing phase of evolution and is almost at its best as can deliver absolutely natural results. Much is been done to make the procedure as comfortable and effective as possible for both patients and hair transplant surgeon. To make the procedure as natural as possible, we need to use the most updated techniques.

Hair transplant is among the most popular cosmetic technique as due to increasing incidence of hair loss among men and women. Earlier the techniques were outdated and primitive which were inefficient and produced plugged results. Thanks to the researches and technologies which are constantly paving a successful path for hair loss sufferers in achieving the best hair transplant outcomes.

FUT and FUE: which to choose when?

FUT and FUE are two primary techniques which are employed to perform hair transplant. These techniques underwent much advancement to negate the disadvantages of either technique. To a certain extend these techniques have been successful in delivering the best they could as per their indications. The procedure of hair transplant includes the harvesting of follicular grafts from the donor area which is commonly the back and side of the head followed by their implantation at the recipient site. Both of these techniques employ the same procedure with the difference in graft harvesting method.

FUE technique employs extraction of hair follicles by digging down the punch to retrieve the follicle with its root along with some surrounded intact tissues. These follicular grafts are then implanted at the desired recipient site taking care of aesthetics. FUT hair transplant technique (strip technique) involves harvesting of a strip from the back and side of the head which comprised of thousands of follicular grafts. The strip is then dissected for retrieving individual follicular unit surrounded with adequate tissue under high loop magnification. These individual units are planted at the desired recipient site.

Discussions and debate is still on to decide which technique is better but ideally no technique is superior to other. Each technique is opted as per the indications depending on certain aspects ruled during consultation. The most crucial factor for deciding the technique is the number of hair follicles required or extent of baldness. When the extent of baldness is large as in Norwood grade IV or V FUT technique for hair transplant is preferred which could provide 3000-3500 grafts. On other hand in initial bald cases or facial hair transplant FUE technique is preferred as it could successfully retrieve 2000-2500 grafts.

Why Combination technique of FUT and FUE came into existence?

Norwood grade VI and VII are extensive and advanced bald stages which creates larger extent of bald area and just leave behind a band of hairs at the back and side of the head. These patients would need a larger number of follicular grafts to gain acceptable coverage of bald area by hair transplant. Though the number of grafts required could not be fulfilled by either FUT or FUE hair transplant technique alone, Combination technique of FUT and FUE came into picture. Combination technique offers the provision of extracting more than 4000 follicular grafts thus is a good technique to perform hair transplant in extensive bald cases. Therefore, because of introduction of combination technique it has become possible for extensive bald cases to have pleasant coverage of hairs on the bald scalp.

The Hair World Clinic is specialized in performing combination technique of FUT and FUE and has performed number of Surgeries with best possible desirable aesthetic results. Our Team is the one who has introduced PRP therapy with combination technique in Surat. He is well known in the country to provide best hair transplant results and provide best coverage in extensive bald cases using combination technique.

How combination technique of hair transplant is performed?

Administration of local anaesthesia:

Our Team has specially prepared a cocktail of multiple anaesthetic agents which provides long duration of action and required to be administered only once during the whole procedure. Repeat injection of local anesthesia is not required as the effects lasts for approximately 12 hours which is beyond the maximum time required to perform hair transplant by any technique.

Graft harvesting:

Graft harvesting by combination technique is performed by combining both FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques. FUT technique is performed for harvesting maximum number of follicular grafts followed by FUE technique to retrieve residual number of grafts.

FUT (Follicular unit transplantation or strip technique):

A thin strip is harvested from back and side of the head of approximately 1-1.5 cm based on the laxity of the scalp skin and number of grafts required. Approximately 2 cm of area under the harvested strip is left which is preserved for future sittings in cases of progressive hair loss in pattern baldness and extensive hair loss. This procedure could contribute approximately 3000-3500 follicular grafts in single session which is further dissected along with some surrounded tissue under high loop magnification by highly experienced technicians. An advanced technique of closure of the incision line is performed termed trichophytic closure which provides almost invisible scar.

FUE (Follicular unit extraction):

FUE hair transplant technique is performed after FUT technique for extracting the residual number of grafts. Approximately 500-1000 grafts could be extracted by this method. As maximum numbers of grafts are harvested from FUT technique very less number of grafts are required thus FUE technique is used to extract the residual number of grafts. This technique offers added advantage of extracting hair follicles from a distance as lesser number has to be extracted. This favors reduced damage rate of grafts and prevent overharvesting. It also helps in avoiding the violation of safe donor area and density depletion at the donor area.

Transplantation of grafts:

After graft harvesting the individual grafts are transplanted at the desired bald recipient area. While transplanting the expertise and skills of the surgeon matters a lot in achieving aesthetic results. The arrangement of the hair follicles should maintain irregularly irregular zigzag pattern. The angulations of the follicular grafts should be directed appropriately to achieve natural look. Single grafts should be planted in the front line and temporal triangles to deliver natural and aesthetic look. Multiple thick grafts obtained by FUE technique are planted in rear rows probably from the third row to deliver fuller look and maximum coverage of bald area.

What are the indications of combination technique of FUT+FUE?

FUT and FUE have certain indications and limitations but these techniques are best in their own ways. But when it comes to extensive bald cases like Norwood grade VII case either of the techniques seems inefficient as they could not provide adequate number of grafts when used alone. Henceforth, combination technique comes into picture as is a highly effective modality in extensive cases. It could provide harvesting of more than 4000 grafts in single mega session without violating the safe donor area.

Below are jotted few of the indications for combination technique including:

  • When there is extensive baldness and larger number of grafts
  • When the donor area is inadequately dense
  • Pattern baldness which tend to progress further in later life
  • Demand of high density hair transplant
  • Demand of natural results with advanced baldness

The Hair World Clinic is pioneer in delivering world class natural outcome. We have latest technology equipments, well maintained operatory, India’s largest graft segregation room with video assisted microscope and India’s biggest hair transplant team. We have maintained international hygiene standards in operatory and every corner of our clinic. Our Team is famous for his genuine suggestions and sound decision making for making the appropriate choice carefully keeping every pros and cons in mind. Our team is highly efficient and delivers the best hair transplant results in minimum possible time.

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