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Body hair transplant is performed by the different body sites like beard, chest, underarms, pubic hair and other body sites. The best graft for hair transplantation is available on the scalp. If there is not enough donor hair on the scalp then one can go for the beard hair which is followed by chest. Body hair transplantation is best when the baldness level is grade 6 or grade 7. Those are the patients who want full coverage in one sitting also the patients who don't have hairs in their Donor area also could rely on body hair transplant.

Body hair transplant is done by the FUE technique in which small functions of 0.7 to 1 mm in size are made. These are healed very quickly and might take only for 2 to 5 days and leave no practically visible scar. The beard hair is very good as they are thicker in diameter in comparison to the scalp hair and might grow to any length.

The body hair transplant procedure is perfect for those who don't have sufficient donor areas on their scalp. In the normal conditions, the donor area is taken from the back of your head but when they are insufficient, the hair can be taken from other parts of the body and hence the body hair transplantation is used.

To finish the procedure of hair transplantation which has been performed poorly that is a failed hair transplant, we can observe insufficient hair on the scalp because the donor area is already been utilised.

The advantages of using body hair transplant are:

  • To enhance the possibility of hair transplant by giving many options of Donor area that is utilizing the different parts of the body
  • It could rectify the scars that were caused by the poor hair transplant performed earlier
  • It leaves almost a scarless Donor area.
  • Patients can use their unwanted hair for hair transplantation

Body part hair could also be used as a good Donor area for eyebrow and eyelash transplantation.
The Hair World Clinic have been doing hair transplantation in difficult areas like eyebrows, mustache, eyelashes. These areas are very difficult to operate and require great experience and knowledge along with special care.

If you want to perform a body hair transplant then use only an FUE or DHT hair technique. The surgeons use sharp punches so that there are minimal scars. Doctors would shave your chest 7 days before the surgery as they select only the graft that has a fast growth rate.

The Hair World Clinic, Surat, help in performing the highest number of Body Hair Transplantation in Surat for many years. They have treated almost 100 patients for transplantation. Also, the team they have is an expert and has a deep understanding of the body hair transplantation. They understand that body hair needs to be mixed well so that the patient can have a more natural-looking growth. They also understand that not each body hair could be placed in your hairline or Temple, they create a perfect mix of scalp and beard grafts.

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