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Scarring Alopecia

Hair loss due to scarring of the scalp is called scarring alopecia. Scarring can be due to a variety of causes. Traction alopecia over a period of time may lead to scarring and permanent hair loss. Similarly, trichotillomania(compulsive hair-plucking) can cause permanent scalp scarring over time.

Injury to the scalp caused by physical trauma or burns may leave permanent scars and permanent hair loss. Diseases that may cause permanent hair loss due to scalp scarring include:
(1) Autoimmune Diesease.
      (a) SLE
      (b) Scleroderma
      (c) DCOS
(2) Infections.
      (a) Bacterial
      (b) Fungal
      (c) Viral
(3) Frontal Fiorosing Alopecia.

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