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The trauma of having the hair loss/baldness in females is understood as it is related to their look and appearance in their social surroundings. Hair loss in women is very common when it is associated with the genetic cause of Androgenic alopecia. It is taboo to even speak also among women about the problem of baldness and those women suffer a lot alone. The number of women keeps bearing the agony without getting proper medical support to overcome their emotional trauma, embarrassment and unwanted stress that arises due to the hair loss. The solution is only the hair transplant as it relates to your look and appearance in the society.

Here is some relevant information for every sufferer of hair loss are described below:

Hair Loss in Women

American Association of Dermatology (AAD) has given statistical data about the Hair Loss in Women states that hair loss among women is common due to the Androgenic alopecia. Hereditary hair loss affects nearly thirty million American women.

Hair shedding in women

On an average is nearly 100 hairs per day that are a common phenomenon. In such a case, the hair fall increases that can easily get on the pillow or tangled in the comb or excessive broken during the shower. It is an alarming sign that needs a medical attention in order to take the proper diagnosis and cure to avoid the further critical situation. As long as, it is within the non-alarming status, there is no need to worry.

Causes of hair loss in Female

Causes of hair loss due to the hereditary characteristic are known as the Androgenetic alopecia. The hair thinning as the person grows up or due to some medications of hormonal disturbance, includes the Thyroid disorder, chemotherapy or caused by the pregnancy, iron deficiency, stress, weight loss, menopause, etc., falls under the particular cases that seek medical care to some extent, but if the cases turn into the complete unbearable situation, then the procedure of hair transplant is suggested by the best Surgeon/Doctor.

Behavioural changes in Female due to the Hair Loss

It causes a responsible factor for hair loss. According to the report of ‘quality-of-life’, women experience an acute behavioural change due to the hair loss, which includes a significant loss of confidence, shyness, inferiority feeling that leads to a tensed behaviour in the general public.

The Hair Transplant procedure in Women

The procedure of hair transplant is all similar both in the cases of a male and female hair transplant. The procedure of hair transplant involves removing hair follicles from the donor area, usually from the back and sides of the head and transplanting or grafting the same to the recipient area, according to the particular hairline on the top and needed a place for grafting on the head/scalp. Harvesting/Extraction from the donor area can be done by either of the two techniques, i.e., the FUT (Strip Harvesting) hair transplant, where a strip of hair from the safe donor portion of the scalp is removed and then sutured closed with advanced Trichophytic closure. And in the case of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant, each individual follicular units are extracted from both the safe as well as the unsafe areas of the scalp. Both the techniques, harvest the follicular units for transplantation, but the surgeon chooses the technique as according to an extent of hair loss.

As an advanced centre of hair transplant that equipped with all the modern facilities where the procedure rooms are well furnished with latest devices along with the skilled hands of Doctor team of trained technicians are all available, then the FUT hair transplant can be preferred for the transplantation. Since the output of the procedure is all based on the efficient teamwork as well as the dedicated job of a Surgeon.

In addition to other criteria, there is one more reason why FUT is recommended for hair transplantation in women rather than an FUE procedure can be best described with the prerequisite of the procedure. As in the FUE procedure of hair transplant, it is mandatory to shave the donor area, whereas, in the case of FUT hair transplant, it is no needed to shave off the head for the procedure.

Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) starts with thinning of hair all over the central region of the scalp. At the time of hair transplantation, follicular units extracted from the donor area are carefully placed into the slits in the recipient area. The placement is done without damaging the growth of existing hair. After a due course of time, new hair growth converts the thinning region into the highly dense area of the scalp.

At The Hair world Clinic Laser, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre, women undergoing a hair transplant procedure, do not need to shave off their head or get their hair trimmed at any stage.

The newly transplanted follicular units produced a new strand of hairs after the completion of 8 to 10 months of the procedure. The hairs will continue to grow for one’s lifetime. The cost of hair transplant in Surat comes under the budget cost option as the procedure price all depends on the number of grafts and the same happening with the other cities of the India that are counted as the worthiest selection for the procedure.

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