Laser Hair Reduction

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Laser Hair Reduction

Traditional hair removal procedures like Threading, Waxing etc. have been painful and time-consuming. Nowadays, Science and medicine has developed cutting edge innovative laser technology that removes hair permanently & safely. Laser Hair Removal is the most popular and effective procedure, to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. At The Hair World Clinic , we use the Latest Laser Technology for Hair Removal procedure.

When you can start Laser Hair Removal procedures?

Hair grows in three distinct cycles.
First – the active or growth cycle (Anagen),
Second – the dormant cycle (Catagen),
Third – the fall-out or shedding cycle (Telogen).

It is most effective during the growth phase (Anagen Phase) of a Hair Follicle. Different hair roots run through different phases of growth cycle at a time, so Laser Hair Removal can be started at any point of time.

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