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Hair Loss of women can have a severe negative impact on their social life. The hair loss in women is usually due to Traction Alopecia which means due to excessive force use to tie the hair in braids, hair starts to lose its strength and certain patches of hair can be lost at once. Medicines will help especially 5% Minoxidil in foam solution is highly effective for women. But Hair Transplant is an easier, safer, and produces results faster than traditional medicines.

Hair of women has been the subject of many songs, poems and has been highly beautified and we understand that. We at The Hair World Clinic provide women with additional facilities and also put them first. Hair Loss can happen to anyone, but for women, it leads to more stress and thus The Hair World Clinic is there for you !

It is not uncommon for women to experience hair loss: As many as 5% of women aged under 30 and more than 60% of the one’s older than 70, experience hair loss to a large extent. And, with the way unhealthy lifestyles are tailed, the number of cases experienced has already risen and continues to rise. Get Female Hair Loss Treatment in Surat at The Hair world Clinic, best Hair Transplant clinic in India.

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