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Beard Hair Transplantation

You can now get moustache and beard hair transplantation from The Hair World Clinic at an affordable price in Surat. People face a lack of facial hair or hair patchiness because of scarring or due to some genetic problems. Here in The Hair World Clinic, we use the technique of Follicular Unit Extraction for the transplantation of facial hair. It is a minimally invasive method in which the density of the moustache is restored on different parts of your face. The duration of this procedure varies from three to nine hours, as per the area being treated.

Hair Transplantation of Moustache and Beard

For the Hair Transplantation of Beard and Moustache, our surgeon takes hair from a “stable zone area” which is at the side or back portion of your head. It is the donor area for the moustache, sideburns, or beard. For the transplant, finer hair is required. If the patient is facing Hair Loss, then body hair from the chest can also be used as an option. As soon as our doctor locates the donor area, hair follicles are taken out with the use of punches. Once this process is complete, local anesthesia is given to the patient. Special attention is given to extract the hair and transplant them one at a time. The hair are placed at an angle to give an absolutely natural look. The result of the transplantation can be seen soon after the completion of the procedure.

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