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Hairline reconstruction is a surgical approach that helps to improve the appearance of the frontal hairline. While doing this surgery the patient's preferences are always kept in mind like hairline height, scalp laxity and many other important factors are considered while performing hairline reconstruction surgery.

The forehead is one of the prominent part of your face and consists of the frontal hairline. When a person enters his thirties they start losing this frontal hairline that makes hair look less dense and your forehead starts appearing bigger. Hence the look of your overall face becomes dull. You start needing the frontal hairline reconstruction. This surgery may vary from person to person and depends on two important factors: the size of your face and the size of your forehead.

The main reason behind the loss of hair from the front hairline is genetical, however, there might be other reasons for this problem appears mostly in people after their 30s. Hence the hair loss keeps progressing which makes your frontal hairline less dense with each passing year and it becomes important to go for hairline reconstruction surgery sooner. Enhance Clinics is providing Hairline Reconstruction Surgery in Surat at an affordable cost.

The correct height of the frontal hairline is 7 to 8 CM or 3 inches over the eyebrow.

There should be a gap of four fingers over your eyebrows.

You should make an eyebrow wrinkle and the difference should just be two fingers.

The adult hairline is always a little higher than and the one in your teens or your adolescence, hence, the doctor should always take the right measures before treating you. Also for getting a natural appearance of your hairline the right angle of implantation also plays a very important role hence it is advised to get your head transplanted by only professionals and the ones who have years of experience in it.

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